Wednesday, December 10, 2014


You are the one I can see even in closed eyes
You are the one who smiles for all my lies
Things change in the world
When you touch me I never feel the cold
Stay with me till the moon lands
Walk with me by holding my hands

You are the one I can see even in closed eyes
You are the one who smiles for all my lies
Remember those eyes which looked me last
That moment made me frost
All the dramas ended on that Sunday
I made my mind not to play

You are the one I can see even in closed eyes
You are the one who smiles for all my lies
Still I talk to you
Still I roam with you
Still I dance with you
In virtual dreams, in virtual worlds

You are the one I can see even in closed eyes
You are the one who smiles for all my lies

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Remember You

I can't focus any longer
Drowning in my own dreams
I thought about those seconds today
The seconds we walked together
I remember those steps
Gifts which you gave me are still with me
My only friend
Lessons which you taught me are still with me
My only friend
People were leaving 
Sorry for not saying bye
I mean nothing
I have a heart full of thoughts which can't reveal it's feelings
While you were leaving my pride, you forget to see my eyes
You know nothing about my cry
My only friend
My sweetest friend
What have I done
I don't have time machine to reach those days
You are different in your own way
My only friend
I see your photos every now and then
That feels me like I'm in heaven
My sweetest friend......

Monday, August 12, 2013

Holding Back in Hell's Gate

Demons are riding on the thunder clouds
        Behind the hell, my soul is crying loud
Freaking red lights in the heaven's gate
        Paying for the pending sins in my fate
Exorcise me from the darkness
       Oh my lord give me forgiveness

This was sung by a soul waiting outside HELL

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Everything Ends Once It RAINS


Everyone knows there is a bridge between the two extremes Birth and Death. We call that bridge as ‘Life’. The length of the bridge differs. No one can define it. The below passage is a comparison of an indefinable life with a cloud.

Life is like a floating cloud. It’s hard to define a cloud where it starts and ends. I can say it starts and ends somewhere in between the sky and the land. These clouds sometimes move alone or sometimes with their buddy clouds. In their journey, these clouds don’t know when they get the companionship. Whenever, they get some, they move along with them if not they move alone. Like that in the journey of life people get friends at some point of time. A few of the lucky friends continue their journey together. Most of them choose their own path.

These clouds from birth become the puppets for the wind. Whichever directions the wind is blowing, the clouds have to move in the same direction. They have no other choice. Dependability plays a vital role here. Are these clouds complaining about wind? No, absolutely not. They are not ashamed of their dependability. Without these wind, the clouds are nothing. They can't move anywhere. They are motionless. They can’t achieve their destiny. Their destiny is to become a rainfall. Unless a cool breeze touches them, they know they can’t achieve their destiny.

We people are also puppets for many things money, love, relationship, pride, man, woman, authority etc., there are innumerable things. Everyone destiny differs. Depends on their destiny, they choose their puppet master.

Some clouds achieve their destiny and some not. We people too. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013


This song is about an athlete volition

Where am I leading? Where am i leading?
In this lunatic round
Where am I playing? Where am i playing?
In this crowded ground

Sins of my past, follow till last
Make me weak and break me like a twig

Hands are helping in the darkness
Can't hold them is my weakness

For me hope is like a sun
Rises during the first and sets for the rest
But it always be there, in me, with me
Till I stop revolving it

It's not my dream, it flows in my bloodstream
This is truly raw, will burn the useless straw
Will happen, will happen, will happen



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